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MMIC Technologies: Integrated Passive Devices (IPD)

In this installation of our series on MMIC technologies, we explore the ins and outs of Integrated Passive Devices (IPDs). Learn the fundamentals of MMIC passives, some key differences with active MMICs, how they’re fabricated, and the many benefits they offer system designers.

Every Block Covered: Noise and Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) in a Simple Microwave Front-End

We’re pleased to introduce a new series on our blog following a theme of every block covered. Each article will investigate different considerations for designers utilizing multiple Mini-Circuits parts in common architectures in RF transceiver chains. The inaugural post explores the basic calculations to determine system noise and signal to noise ratio in a simple RF front end, as well as cascade analysis for noise figure and gain.

Peak and Average Power Sensors

We’ve expanded our selection of peak and average power sensors again to give you more options for your test bench. Our new 8 GHz model offers the same capability for peak, average, crest factor and duty cycle measurements of CW, modulated and pulsed waveforms as the recently-released 40 GHz model, but with extended dynamic range and a lower price point for applications through C-Band.

Using LTCC Thru-Lines as Filter Placeholders

Mini-Circuits TPCN-series of LTCC thru-lines are can be used as placeholders for drop-in compatible filters that may be added to the signal chain late in the design process. Learn how savvy designers utilize these handy building blocks in a variety of systems for added flexibility in the filter evaluation process.

LTCC Filter Innovations

Mini-Circuits TPCN-series of LTCC thru-lines can be used as placeholders for drop-in compatible filters that may be added to the 

Applying Proper Torque to Microwave Connectors

Failure to follow the proper torque specifications for a given connector type can damage expensive equipment and degrade measurement integrity. Review our recommended torque for tightening connectors on Mini-Circuits products and explore our lineup of calibrated break-over torque wrenches for your toolkit.

A Short Primer on RF / Microwave Power Sensors

Our latest power sensor models are capable of peak and average measurement up to 40 GHz adding more functionality and more value to our lineup. This short primer reviews the different types of RF power sensors, how they work and how to choose the best device for your application.