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Optimizing Transistor Stages for Different Operating Bandwidths

Often, the same transistor can be utilized in a variety of different ways depending on the peripheral circuitry utilized by the designer. This application note describes narrowband and broadband use cases Mini-Circuits SAV-541+ E-pHEMT as a demonstration of the versatility this simple device and other discrete transistors in our portfolio can provide.

Mini-Circuits’ Ceramic Resonator Filters Answer the Call for Reliable Long-Term Supply

Recent disruptions in the supply base for ceramic resonators have sent waves of end-of-life notifications through the RF component market. Customers utilizing ceramic-resonator-based filters and other parts are left with the problem of finding alternative suppliers or redesign their systems. Mini-Circuits’ supply chain for ceramic resonators remains unaffected by these changes elsewhere in the market,…

RF & Microwave Adapters

We’ve updated our already extensive selection of coaxial adapters with a new series of 1.0mm models in all gender combinations, as well as inter-series designs transitioning to 1.85mm. Now, with over 80 adapter models in stock from DC to 110 GHz including a wide selection of coaxial and waveguide interfaces, connector gender combinations, mounting types…

The Ups and Downs of Amplitude Modulation

Arguably no modulation scheme has been of greater significance in world history than amplitude modulation (AM). In this article we examine the history of AM radio, basic principles and theory in the time and frequency domains, traditional applications as well as some contemporary extensions.

Earth Station to Orbit

With 30+ years of experience supporting the unique requirements of the satellite industry, Mini-Circuits offers an extensive selection of off-the-shelf components for almost every block in your signal chain from L-Band to Ka Band. In-house capabilities include space level upscreening, part customizations and more to meet your special requirements.