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A Primer on RF Semiconductors (MMICs)

Learn the fundamentals of the science behind RF semiconductors in the first article in our new series exploring Mini-Circuits’ MMIC technology. Review everything from atomic structures and band gap theory to different material types, junctions and much more!

LTCC Filters Enhance Differential Circuit Designs

Today’s RF transceiver designs are using differential circuits for more of the signal chain before the ADC and after the DAC. See how Mini-Circuits’ LTCC dual/differential filters and integrated balun-filters provide an ideal solution for anti-aliasing while simplifying implementation and saving board space.

Additive Phase Noise in Amplifiers

Phase noise is increasingly a concern for high-performance transceiver designs, and a number of customers have asked us about phase noise specs for our amplifiers. Our new white paper explains the various sources of additive phase noise in RF amplifiers as well as typical application requirements and measurement challenges.