Noise Analysis Part 2

5G n258 Band Receiver Front-End

prior article in our Every Block Covered series explained cascade analysis of noise level, noise floor, bandwidth and signal-to-noise ratio in a simple RF front end with a single gain stage. This installment builds on those concepts using a more complex front-end for the 5G n258 (26 GHz) band components from Mini-Circuits’ catalog by way of example.

We’ll discuss how multiple non-linear components including amplifiers and mixers affect noise parameters, gain and loss in cascade as well as how changes in system bandwidth between stages affect the system noise floor and SNR by extension. Whether you’re learning for the first time or just brushing up, we’ll walk you through step-by-step calculations for this essential step in any receiver design.

Cavity Filters

LTCC Filters


MMIC Attenuators

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