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Regional Focus, Global Impact Fuel Strong Growth for Mini-Circuits Japan

Opened in 2019, Mini-Circuits’ office in Shin-Yokohama, Japan is located in the epicenter of an RF and microwave business hub. Under the leadership of Regional Sales Director Thomas Joyce, the office has seen tremendous growth in just its first year of operation while providing more direct, convenient access to Mini-Circuits’ full range of products and services for customers in the Asia-Pacific region.

MMIC Amplifiers with Shutdown and Bypass Features De-Mystified

RF amplifiers with integrated shutdown and bypass functionality are useful building blocks for a wide range of RF/microwave systems. These functions often lead to questions about the differences between the two functions, which models have which, and the benefits of each. Read on and learn everything you need to know.

Field Applications Engineer Gary Cox Finds an Uncanny Match in Mini-Circuits Japan

Field Applications Engineer Gary Cox found the perfect fit for his well-rounded combination of engineering knowledge, language skills and love for other cultures in an opportunity to join our new office in Yokohama, Japan. See how Gary’s work will help grow Mini-Circuits business in Asia while working closely with some of the world’s most prominent wireless technology companies.

Lee De Forest: Father of Radio and Inventor of the Audion

Lee De Forest is considered one of the “fathers of radio” for his invention of a device called the Audion, which allowed sound and speech to be broadcast over radio waves. De Forest’s device revolutionized the radio industry and would pave the way for more sophisticated applications like the television.

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