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Understanding Ceramic Coaxial Resonator Filters

Ceramic resonator filters boast impressive Q-factor and relative permittivity, allowing a unique combination of low passband insertion loss with minimal ripple, very steep roll-off and deep rejection floor on the order of 80 to 100 dB, all in a small, surface-mountable device. They’re ideal solutions for many sensitive applications in crowded spectral environments where size is a critical requirement. Read on to learn more about the characteristics and advantages of these useful filters as well as Mini-Circuits’ industry-leading design and manufacturing capabilities.

Understanding Suspended Substrate Stripline Filters

Suspended substrate stripline filter technology offers many advantages for designers looking for wide passbands, deep rejection and sharp roll-off in the transition. By utilizing air cavities instead of dielectric materials used in traditional stripline fabrications, these filters achieve better Q and better thermal stability, making them suitable for many high-performance applications in a wide range of operating conditions. This practical overview explains everything you need to know about Mini-Circuits’ line of suspended substrate filters and multiplexers.

At Mini-Circuits’ Urjita Facilities, Resilience Filters Through

Innovation, team work and perseverance have long been a mainstays of operations at Mini-Circuits’ Urjita facility in Chennai, India. And while, historically, that has applied largely to engineering, manufacturing and business challenges, recent events have proven these virtue go far beyond the parameters of business. Learn more about what makes our design and manufacturing center of excellence for RF filters one of the best in the industry.

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