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Radio History: The Evolution of FM Radio

FM radio has evolved drastically over the decades since its inception. From static-ridden music stations, to home entertainment systems, to modern-day streaming services, FM has played a major role in human entertainment and continues to prove its adaptability to the changing times.

Optimizing Transistor Stages for Different Operating Bandwidths

Often, the same transistor can be utilized in a variety of different ways depending on the peripheral circuitry utilized by the designer. This application note describes narrowband and broadband use cases Mini-Circuits SAV-541+ E-pHEMT as a demonstration of the versatility this simple device and other discrete transistors in our portfolio can provide.

Quality & Innovation Converge in Production Test

Virtually every product assembled in North America passes through the Production Test department, many thousands of units in a typical week. Every production run must meet strict test requirements to ensure consistent performance and reliability across lots, and team members are equipped with the technical skills and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure our parts do what…

Mini-Circuits’ Ceramic Resonator Filters Answer the Call for Reliable Long-Term Supply

Recent disruptions in the supply base for ceramic resonators have sent waves of end-of-life notifications through the RF component market. Customers utilizing ceramic-resonator-based filters and other parts are left with the problem of finding alternative suppliers or redesign their systems. Mini-Circuits’ supply chain for ceramic resonators remains unaffected by these changes elsewhere in the market,…

RF & Microwave Adapters

We’ve updated our already extensive selection of coaxial adapters with a new series of 1.0mm models in all gender combinations, as well as inter-series designs transitioning to 1.85mm. Now, with over 80 adapter models in stock from DC to 110 GHz including a wide selection of coaxial and waveguide interfaces, connector gender combinations, mounting types…

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