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Mini-Circuits Receives 4-Star Supplier Excellence Award from Raytheon IDS

Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems (NYSE: RTN) has presented Mini-Circuits with its 4-Star Supplier Award for the seventh consecutive year.

Mini-Circuits Expands Product Line Coverage with New Series of 50 GHz Precision Attenuators

Mini-Circuits is committed to meeting our customers’ needs as the evolution of wireless standards continues to push application requirements to higher frequencies. Our new BW-V series of precision fixed attenuators expands the coverage of our product line up to 50 GHz!

Mini-Circuits Extends Same-Day Shipping Cutoff to 3:00 PM ET

As part of our ongoing commitment to support customers with fast delivery, Mini-Circuits has extended our cutoff time for same-day shipment from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM ET.

Mini-Circuits Achieves AS9100 Recertification to Revision D Standard

Following an extensive recertification audit of our Quality Management System, Mini-Circuits' AS9100 certification has been upgraded to Revision D of the standard.
Impact of Date Code Age Restrictions on Quality, Service, and Value

Impact of Date Code Age Restrictions on Quality, Service, and Value

Extensive studies done by industry leaders, NASA and the U.S. military have shown substantial evidence that in modern storage environments, time intervals of five years or longer between manufacture of components and shipment to OEMs pose virtually no risk to the quality or reliability of electronic products.

New Mini-Circuits Website Design Enhances Usability, Accessibility, and Convenience

The fourth major redesign of since it launched in 1995 provides customers and visitors with a new level of usability, accessibility, and convenience. The site upgrade is part of Mini-Circuits' ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction.

New Reflectionless High Pass Filters Provide Passbands to 30 GHz in 2x2mm QFN Packages

Mini-Circuits' revolutionary XHF2-series of reflectionless high pass filters eliminates signal reflections and enables dramatic improvements in system performance. Covering a variety of passbands up to 30 GHz, these new, patented designs are perfect for pairing with sensitive devices such as mixers, multipliers, high-gain amplifiers and more!
Finding a Win-Win: The Dilemma of Consolidation

Finding a Win-Win: The Dilemma of Consolidation

On the surface, consolidation may look like a win-win for the stakeholders involved, but it comes with a hidden cost, and unfortunately, customers are getting stuck with the bill.

Extra-Long Life Absorptive Electromechanical SP4T Switches, +12VDC, DC to 18 GHz

Mini-Circuits has added two new models to our popular line of absorptive electromechanical switches, controlled by a +12VDC with 0.2 dB insertion loss, 90 dB isolation, and extra-long switch life up to 10 million cycles.

Mini-Circuits Achieves Total Defect Rate Less than 3 DPPM for 3Q 2016

Mini-Circuits is proud to announce that we have achieved a defect rate of less than 3 DPPM over millions of units shipped in the third quarter of 2016.