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New Mini-Circuits Website Design Enhances Usability, Accessibility, and Convenience

The fourth major redesign of since it launched in 1995 provides customers and visitors with a new level of usability, accessibility, and convenience. The site upgrade is part of ...

New Reflectionless High Pass Filters Provide Passbands to 30 GHz in 2x2mm QFN Packages

Mini-Circuits' revolutionary XHF2-series of reflectionless high pass filters eliminates signal reflections and enables dramatic improvements in system performance. Covering a variety of passbands
Finding a Win-Win: The Dilemma of Consolidation

Finding a Win-Win: The Dilemma of Consolidation

On the surface, consolidation may look like a win-win for the stakeholders involved, but it comes with a hidden cost, and unfortunately, customers are getting stuck with the bill.

Extra-Long Life Absorptive Electromechanical SP4T Switches, +12VDC, DC to 18 GHz

Mini-Circuits has added two new models to our popular line of absorptive electromechanical switches, controlled by a +12VDC with 0.2 dB insertion loss, 90 dB isolation, and extra-long switch life

Mini-Circuits Achieves Total Defect Rate Less than 3 DPPM for 3Q 2016

Mini-Circuits is proud to announce that we have achieved a defect rate of less than 3 DPPM over millions of units shipped in the third quarter of 2016.

Mini-Circuits Expands Selection of LTCC Bandpass Filters

Mini-Circuits has expanded our selection of low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) bandpass filters with 4 new models in tiny 1206 packages with high reliability and excellent repeatability.

Connectorized 2-Way 0° Splitter/Combiner Handles up to 35W, 500 to 10500 MHz

Mini-Circuits' ZN2PD2-14W+ SMA connectorized 2-way 0° splitter/combiner provides power handling up to 35W as a splitter (1W as a combiner) for a wide range of applications from 500 to 10500 MHz.

Surface Mount Voltage Variable Attenuator Provides >30 dB Attenuation Range from 2000 to 6000 MHz

Mini-Circuits' RVA-6000+ surface mount voltage variable attenuator provides a control voltage range from 0 to 12V with attenuation from 4 up to 37 dB with minimal phase deviation over its full ...

Rugged 100W Power Amplifier Module, 700 to 2700 MHz

Mini-Circuits' ZHL-100W-272+ high-power amplifier module provides 48 dB gain with 1.7 dB flatness across its entire operating bandwidth, +50 dBm IP3, and 89 dB reverse isolation. The amplifier ...

Mini-Circuits Expands Selection of Coaxial Precision Attenuators from DC to 40 GHz

Mini-Circuits has expanded our BW-K series of 40 GHz precision fixed attenuators with four new models to give you a wider selection of attenuation values. The series now offers attenuation values

4-Channel USB/Ethernet Programmable Attenuator, 0 to 95 dB, 1 to 6000 MHz

Mini-Circuits' New RC4DAT-6G-95 USB/Ethernet controlled programmable attenuator provides four channels in one compact device with synchronized or independent control from a single interface. This