Wideband Bias Tees

Coaxial Surface Mount & Die

As we expand our product line higher into the millimeter-wave range, we’re adding more high-frequency components to the lineup to support your entire signal chain. Our wideband bias tees in MMIC surface mount and coaxial formats are ideal companion parts for amplifiers operating at frequencies up to 54 GHz. These models provide excellent RF power and DC current handling with high isolation and low insertion loss over their full operating bandwidths. 

Featured Products

  • 10 MHz to 54 GHz
  • Up to 250mA
  • 1W power handling
  • 1.8 dB S21
  • 10 MHz to 40 GHz
  • Up to 500mA
  • 1W power handling
  • 1.0 dB S21
  • 1.5 to 28 GHz
  • Up to 500mA
  • 1W power handling
  • 0.7 dB S21
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