BW100 MHz to 67 GHz-SERIES

Solid State SP4T Switch

USB Control | Daisy Chain up to 25 Devices

To support your signal routing needs in mmWave test applications, we’re expanding our selection of solid-state switches with more options up to 67 GHz. The new USB-1SP4T-A673 is a USB-controlled SP4T switch that combines the fast switching, extra-long life and reliability of solid state technology with excellent isolation over its full bandwidth. A unique, dynamic daisy-chain interface allows up to 25 units to be connected in a master/slave chain and controlled through a single control line from your PC.

Key Features:

  • 100 MHz to 67 GHz
  • USB control and automation
  • Daisy chain control of
    up to 25 units
  • 45 dB typical isolation
  • LED indicator on active port
  • User-friendly GUI and full API included

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