Mini-Circuits has added two new ultra-reliable, rugged-duty absorptive electromechanical SP4T switches to our lineup to meet your needs. MSP4TA-18-12+ is controlled with a +12VDC control signal via DC terminals on the rear of the unit, and MSP4TA-18-12D+ features a 15-pin D-Sub connector for easy connect/disconnect.

Both switches operate from DC to 18 GHz and offer extra-long switch life up to 10 million cycles, typical switching speed of 20 milliseconds, insertion loss of 0.2 dB and high isolation of 90 dB. These models are suitable for use across a wide range of applications, including switching for automated test equipment and redundancy switching. They come housed in a rugged aluminum case (2.63 x 1.8 x 1.7”) with SMA female RF connectors.

The MSP4TA-18-12+ and MSP4TA-18-12D+ are available from stock. Place your order today for delivery as soon as tomorrow!

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