Mini-Circuits continues to expand our product line into the millimeter wave bands to give customers more options and more capabilities for high frequency applications. Recent additions to our portfolio include a growing variety of MMIC mixers, multipliers, couplers and attenuators to 40 GHz and higher, connectorized active and passive products, coaxial cables, and adapters up to 50 GHz, and now coaxial terminations up to 65 GHz.

Whether you’re developing equipment for 5G, WiGig, satellite, military surveillance and countermeasures, or fiber-optic networks, Mini-Circuits offers an exciting selection of new products for the lab and for assembled systems.

Recent Highlights:

Coaxial RF Termination, DC to 65 GHz – The ANNE-50E+ coaxial termination covers the DC to 65 GHz range with 1W RF input power handling and outstanding return loss of typically 26 dB up to 18 GHz, 22 dB up to 40 GHz, and 20 dB up to 65 GHz. The unit features a 1.85mm-male connector which mates with both V-female and 2.4mm female connectors and comes housed in a rugged, passivated stainless steel case measuring 0.69 (l) x 0.36″ (dia.).
Flat-Gain Distributed Amplifier, 50 kHz to 40 GHz – New ultra-wideband amplifier model ZVA-403GX-K+ covers the entire 50 kHz to 40 GHz range with gain flatness of ±1.5 dB. The amplifier delivers almost 20mW output power at 1 dB compression while drawing only 100mA from a single +5V supply. The unit comes housed in a compact case (0.84 x 0.96 x 0.36″) with 2.92mm-female RF connectors.
40 GHz HandFlex™ Interconnect Cables – 086-KM+ series HandFlex™ interconnect cables are ideal for interconnecting a wide variety of assemblies from DC to 40 GHz. 2.92mm Male connectors at both ends are well-suited for making secure connections in assemblies using 2.92mm, 3.5mm and SMA connector types. Tight minimum bend radius of 6mm makes these cables perfect for installations in tight spots, and hand formable cable construction allows easy bending to almost any shape without special bending tools often needed in semi-rigid cable assemblies.
40 GHz MMIC Double Balanced Mixer– Model MDB-44H+ is a wideband, double-balanced, level 15 MMIC Mixer with an IF bandwidth from DC to 15 GHz and LO/RF bandwidth from 10 to 40 GHz. This model provides 8.4 dB conversion loss, 37 dB L-I isolation, 37 dB L-R isolation, and good input/output return loss over its full frequency range without the need for external matching components. Fabricated using InGaP HBT technology, it has repeatable performance from lot to lot and comes housed in a 12-pad 3x3mm QFN package with excellent thermal performance.
40 GHz MMIC Frequency Doubler– Mini-Circuits’ CY2-44+ ultra-wideband MMIC frequency doubler converts input signals from 6.2 to 20 GHz into output signals from 12.4 to 40 GHz. It has an input power range from +12 to +18 dBm and provides low conversion loss of 14 dB for input signals from 6.2 to 16 GHz, and 17 dB for input signals from 16 to 20 GHz. The multiplier achieves excellent suppression of fundamental signal and unwanted harmonics (F1: 26 dBc; F3: 34 dBc). Fabricated using HBT process technology on GaAs, the multiplier provides excellent repeatability and comes housed in a tiny 3x3mm QFN Package.
In addition to these exciting new product introductions, Mini-Circuits is currently developing more active and passive products up to 65 GHz to meet your needs. Check our new products page frequently to stay up to date on our latest model releases!

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