Bridget McCarthy, Director of Learning & Development

Mini-Circuits extends its warmest congratulations to Abtahi Manzur, Dana Gan, and Jack Langner for having successfully graduated from the Pipeline Program. These members are the latest graduates of our esteemed Pipeline Program, an immersive experience that delves into every aspect of our operations. Initiated in 2014 through the collaborative vision of Mini-Circuits’ late founder, Harvey Kaylie, and President, Ted Heil, the program aims to bridge the engineering age gap by nurturing freshly minted college graduates. This learning journey not only strives to cultivate engineering skills but also paves the way for a stream of highly qualified RF engineers and meeting the industry’s growing demand for rising talent.

In tandem with the Pipeline Program, our university outreach initiatives, which include campus visits, internships, equipment contributions, and other endeavors, have solidified Mini-Circuits as a prime destination for dynamic RF career opportunities. Initially, the program’s duration spanned 3 years, but has been shortened to 1.5 years (18 months) based on participant feedback and covers 3 phases. Each phase is designed to touch upon different facets of engineering skills including production test, departmental job shadowing, and applications.

The program begins in the Engineering Production Test department where participants gain hands-on familiarity with lab equipment and component characterization over the course of 7 months. Pipeliners will then progress to the second phase: a 4-month “shadowing” period through the departments of manufacturing control, failure analysis, quality assurance and project management. The program’s third and final phase, which lasts another 7 months, immerses participants in direct customer interactions within the Applications department. This exposure, even for aspiring engineers, is pivotal, transitioning them from behind-the-scenes roles to dynamic customer-facing responsibilities. The versatile skills gained will prepare them to excel in a variety of career paths within the company or within the industry at large, ensuring a well-rounded professional foundation.

Upon graduation, participants are encouraged to explore and apply to roles that align their career aspirations with the company’s needs. Jack has landed a role as a Product Engineer supporting LTCC.   Abtahi and Dana are currently looking for their post-graduation roles. To ensure the future success of incoming Pipeliners, our graduating Pipeliners have offered coveted advice.

Left to right back row: Ted Heil (Mini-Circuits President), Max Roytman (Pipeline Engineer), Jack Langner (Graduating Pipeliner), Dana Gan (Graduating Pipeliner), Abtahi Manzur (Graduating Pipeliner), William Winters (Pipeline Engineer), Jin Bains (Mini-Circuits’ CEO).
Front Row: Pooja Karthik (Pipeline Engineer) and Alicia Kaylie Yacoby (Chair Woman of the Board).

Jack says, “to explore all the many departments and their respective members.” From Dana: “to ask a lot of questions and not be afraid to try new things. And from Abtahi: “to remember that Mini-Circuits is a business.”

It’s important to note that the success of this program is due to the tireless efforts and helpful guidance from the following members: Miroslav Karas and Svetlana Anuchina (Engineering Production Test), Jogesh Anand (Manufacturing Control), Michael Fainboym (Failure Analysis), Arthur Ackerman, (Quality Assurance), Joe Mormile (Engineering Project Management), and Jeremy Cortez (Applications). A special thanks to Steve Warntjes (GVP of Product Development), who serves as the program’s executive champion.

Ted Heil giving a speech at the graduation ceremony. Left to right: Bridget McCarthy (Director of Learning & Development), Jack Langner, Dana Gan, Abtahi Manzur, and Ted Heil (Mini-Circuits President)

We are equally pleased to welcome four new Pipeline participants in the latest cohort. Their cohort will reach completion during the program’s 10th year anniversary. The new participants are Max Roytman, from Stonybrook University, Pooja Karthik, from University of South Florida (USF), Sara Yacoub, from Cooper Union, and William Winters, also from Stonybrook University. They are currently entering their third month of the Engineering Production Test Phase.

A graduation ceremony was recently celebrated at the Mini-Circuits appreciation event held at the Brooklyn Cyclones MCU Park on Thursday, August 17th, 2023. President Ted Heil emceed the ceremony by offering praise and inspiration and by distributing diplomas to the graduates. He also took the opportunity to welcome and introduce the incoming cohort.

We wish our Pipeline graduates and new Pipeline participants much luck in their future careers at Mini-Circuits!

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