Tired of wasting time wandering the lab in search of that 2.4mm-Female NMD to SMA-Male adapter you only had one of and haven’t seen since last week? Co-workers giving you the stink-eye after you borrowed one-too-many of theirs? We’ve been there, and boy do we have the solution for you!

For years we’ve sold dozens of RF adapter models with pretty much every connector type, gender, orientation and mounting type you could ever need from DC to 67 GHz. But in the spirit of constant innovation, we got to thinking: who wants to keep track of so many different options? Why can’t we just create one adapter that mates any input connector to any output connector?

At Mini-Circuits, we pride ourselves on turning ideas into action, so we put the best minds from our RF and mechanical engineering teams together in a room for two weeks with free coffee and an unlimited supply of military-grade meal-replacement bars, and what they came out with astounded us…

Connector-O-Matic is the only RF interconnect solution on the market that does the job of all other coaxial adapters combined for connector types from BNC and N-Type to 1.8 mm. The device features selectable connector gender for all connector types and 50 and 75Ω settings with internal impedance conversion for connections interfacing between circuits with different characteristic impedance. Insertion loss and VSWR from any input to any output is comparable to that of discrete adapters of the same connector types.  

At Mini-Circuits, we’re always looking for innovative ways to make our customers’ lives easier, and we think this one will be a game changer. One adapter to rule them all, exclusively from Mini-Circuits.

If it wasn’t already obvious, this is an April fools joke, but we really do have an amazing selection of RF adapters. Click here to learn more >

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