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In-House Space Upscreening & More

With 30+ years of experience supporting the unique requirements of the satellite industry, Mini-Circuits offers an extensive selection of off-the-shelf components for almost every block in your signal chain from L-Band to Ka Band. In-house capabilities include space level upscreening, part customizations and more to meet your special requirements.

Featured Offerings

In-House EEE-INST-002 Compliant Upscreening

LTCC Band Pass Filters for SATCOM Bands

  • MMIC (PEMS & bare die), LTCC and core & wire parts available
  • Mil-Spec or equivalent qualification workflows
  • Turnaround as little as 90 days
  • Expert applications engineers ready to support any project
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  • Industry’s widest selection of mmWave LTCC filters
  • Models designed specifically for SATCOM application bands
  • Standard SMT package styles from 0805 to 1812 
  • Rugged construction available for upscreening
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Upscreening RF / Microwave Components for Space

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High-Q Ceramic Resonator Filters for GNSS Applications

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