Gary Warner, Environmental Health & Safety Manager

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 2021 National Household Survey showed only 44 percent of Americans are prepared for a disaster. In the current news cycle, you cannot turn on the news without hearing about another glacier collapse, out of control fires in the west, flash flood damage in New Jersey and rainfall flooding in subway stations and basement apartments.    

Nowadays, it can be difficult to get the family together for dinner, movies, and games, let alone bringing everyone together to discuss preparing for potential emergencies.  As a health and safety manger, I am aware of the importance of preparing for potential emergencies, hence why we conduct fire evacuation drills and emergency response training in the workplace.

So, with the help of Jill Cornell, a Community Engagement Specialist at NYC Emergency Management, Mini-Circuits is excited to have hosted a table event to discuss emergency preparedness. At the gathering, members received important literature on how to plan, how to prepare and a map of NYC hurricane evacuation zones. 

Mini-Circuits team members collecting emergency preparedness pamphlets.


Demonstration of storm patterns by NYC Emergency Management volunteer.

In the NYC area it is imperative that our members and the workplace prepare for potential hurricanes, tornadoes, flash flood warnings, power outages and high winds. Communication remains of utmost importance when planning for and actively dealing with emergencies, and that is why Mini-Circuits is invested in improving emergency communication. Communicate the emergency plan to your family and designate a meeting area if separated.  Next, ensure that you have medications and copies of important documents secured in a zip lock bag. 

To drive awareness, Mini-Circuits was thrilled to offer members small giveaways for attending the table event. Such items as a small kitchen fire extinguisher, water bottles, flashlights and small first aid kits were raffled off to the team to help them with their emergency preparations.

As the day ends, I am hopeful our members will head home energized to discuss with their families how they should start to prepare for potential emergencies. It is always Mini-Circuits’ top concern to take care of our team and ensure their wellbeing at the work place as well as outside of it. By hosting events like the Emergency Preparedness seminar, we can ensure that our members are aware of the resources and information they need to be safe.

By informing our team of potential safety risks and keeping our company up to date on health and safety protocols, Mini-Circuits also ensures that we are continuing to honor our customers and their requests. As always, we strive to service our customers with fast service and quality products that meet their variety of RF and microwave needs.

Helpful information provided by NYC Emergency Management.

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