Fixed attenuators are found in a wide variety of electronic equipment for extending the dynamic range of measuring equipment, for preventing signal overload in transmitters and receivers, and for impedance matching to reduce the effects of improper input/output terminations of oscillators, amplifiers and test setups.

The important parameters associated with fixed attenuators include the amount of attenuation, the flatness over a specified frequency, range, VSWR, average and peak power-handling capability, size and height, and performance over a given temperature range. Average power limit decreases linearly as temperature increases and burnout will result (or calibration will be altered) if average power limit is exceeded.

Mini-Circuits’ fixed attenuators, packaged in rugged plug-in and connector models, are available in both 50 and 75Ω models ranging from 1 to 40 dB spanning DC to 1500 MHz.

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