Q. Many of MCL’s fixed attenuators are specified up to 1500 MHz. How will they perform at higher frequencies?

A. With the exception of the 75Ω models, most fixed attenuators perform reasonably well above 2000 MHz. Please refer to data pages for actual performance characteristics.

Q. What internal design configuration is used in the fixed attenuators and are they symmetrical?

A. Both and T type configurations are used and both are symmetrical. Hence, the input and output are interchangeable.

Q. Are surface-mount packages available?

A. Yes. Consult the factory to discuss your application and the parameters of surface-mount packages.

Q. What is the difference between the flatness spec and the deviation on the nominal attenuation spec?

A. The nominal or average value of attenuation of a particular attenuator is guaranteed to be within the nominal spec window, and is measured at the low frequency end of the band. The flatness spec only refers to variation of attenuation across the specified bandwidth.

Q. Can Mini-Circuits’ provide terminations at different impedances upon request?

A. The impedance of Mini-Circuits’ terminations are either 50 or 75Ω. Other impedances are not available.

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