Open case models require certain additional handling precautions. Following these precautions will ensure handling does not have a negative impact on the performance of the devices.

1) Exercise caution when using tweezers to lift or place the units. Units should be handled by the base, PCB or by the leads (if they are leaded units) to avoid contact with the open assembly structure. Mishandling can re-position or clip exposed wires resulting in unit failure.

2) Do not apply excessive force on the cores. Excessive force, either lateral or vertical, may cause detachment of the cores from the adhesive or chip the cores affecting permeability. Operations where this type of force may inadvertently be applied are depaneling of the boards by hand, snapping of the score lines and stacking boards for storage and transportation.

3) Evaluate solvents used for washing to ensure they do not attack or degrade epoxy. The cores are adhered to the substrate using epoxy.

4) Ultra-sonic and other strenuous mechanical cleaning is not recommended for open case models.

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