It didn’t take long for Adam Smith to make an impact.

In just six months as Mini-Circuits’ LMS Manager, he’s already carved a niche as the learning guru.

“I want people to reach out to me and ask questions,” Adam said. “I’ll do whatever I can to support all of our members with their professional development.”

Adam oversees the learning management system and curates a comprehensive collection of over a thousand e-learning courses. His mission? Personalized learning. He finds courses that match individual needs, turning Mini-Circuits’ LMS into a dynamic hub for professional and personal growth.

Adam adds new courses based on relevance and interest. Members who want to study a course that isn’t listed can ask him for help. If it’s possible, he’ll find a way to make it happen.

One of Adam’s key contributions lies in refining the user experience. He continues to streamline the LMS interface, making it more intuitive and approachable. He works to ensure everything is easily accessible.

Adam Smith, LMS Manager

“People don’t like having to click around 100 places to find what they’re looking for,” he said. “I’d rather have it available right in front of them, so they know exactly where to go.”

Largely due to Adam’s efforts, every member can feel comfortable using Mini-Circuits’ LMS. For him, it’s about making career development as easy and engaging as possible. Even compliance courses become interesting when they’re delivered the right way.

Adam describes himself as a “people helper.” He’s always excelled in customer service roles, but it was during his time at a vacation home rental company that he really honed his skills. He transitioned from a call center agent to a full-time role in learning and development that saw him create training content and build new courses.

Now, he’s using his expertise to encourage growth in the Mini-Circuits family. He believes that Mini-Circuits’ environment encourages learning at every level, a value that aligns with his own personal philosophy.

Aside from managing courses, Adam is also involved in fostering Mini-Circuits’ culture of continuous development where every member’s journey is supported. Learning and development is embedded within HR, so he supplements digital development with in-person gatherings. The team makes face-to-face connections, and he gets to do what he does best: help people.

When asked about his favorite part of the job, Adam answers without hesitation. It’s the supportive, family-like culture at Mini-Circuits. He loves how members cheer on each other’s growth. Adam works at the Brooklyn headquarters but connects with members across the global company.

“Mini-Circuits cares about the development of its members and doesn’t view them as just replaceable cogs in the machine,” he said. “There are so many people who have worked at Mini-Circuits for 30-plus years, and that shows how the company invests in its members.”

Outside of the office, you can find Adam roaming around Brooklyn with his dog. He holds an environmental science and ecology degree and finds peace being out in nature. If he could, he’d spend all day outside—although he enjoys his job just as much.

Adam may be relatively new to Mini-Circuits, but the effect of his passion for learning and supporting others is already evident. He’s helping Mini-Circuits members reach their full potential.

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