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A rewarding career change centers on transitioning with gratitude, grace, and purpose. It’s not an abandonment of the first act, but rather, a bridge to the second, ideally with a subtle but meaningful similarity between the two. For Mini-Circuits Inside Sales Representative Tina Sumner, that common thread is compassion.

Tina had been looking for a change of pace to spend less time on her feet and more time with her family after working for nearly 30 years in nursing. She hoped to find not just an interesting job and fulfilling role, but also a company that felt like home and family. In Mini-Circuits, she found all the above.

Tina took a leap of faith in a new direction and jumped at the opportunity to join the Mini-Circuits team in 2022. She had tried her hand at sales on the side many years ago as an independent jewelry rep and seen notable success, even winning an all-expenses-paid trip for her sales performance. She didn’t necessarily imagine her life coming back full circle into the sales arena after nursing, but it has been a welcomed surprise and an exciting new chapter.

As an inside sales rep in Mini-Circuits’ Springfield, Missouri office, Tina plays a pivotal role in managing customer orders and actively engages with customers to keep the lines of communication open. She is a liaison between Mini-Circuits and its customers, making her an important face and voice of the company in her daily interactions. Her responsibilities are all about ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the sales journey and cultivating strong, lasting relationships, both of which allow her to put her heart and compassion into her work every day.

Tina Sumner, Inside Sales Representative.

Tina enjoys the family-like work environment at Mini-Circuits Missouri and across Mini-Circuits’ global workforce. She said she appreciates the communication between members as well as how well the team works together and how managers provide both individual and team support. “When everything flows together perfectly and everyone is working toward the same mission, it’s a beautiful thing,” she said.

Outside of work, Tina is involved with her local church and volunteers with an organization that helps women transition from prison life to the outside world. She is currently mentoring a woman who is adapting to living in society after being in prison for 25 years.

Tina loves spending time with her family. Her oldest son followed her footsteps into nursing and is currently working in a Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit. Her daughter is a medical assistant, and her youngest son just joined the U.S. Air Force.

Tina’s compassion has been at the heart of her entire career, and that continues at Mini-Circuits, where sales roles are focused on meeting needs, building relationships, and always being ready and willing to assist.

“When the emails from customers start having little smiley faces, that’s when you know you’re doing something right,” she said.

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