A Custom 24 x 48 Blocking Switch Matrix with Programmable Attenuation in 5 Weeks!

A major wireless network operator came to Mini-Circuits at the end of 2018 with a problem that would make most suppliers lightheaded. They needed a complex custom signal routing solution for a high-volume test application, and they needed it fast. By the time the system requirement was defined and the purchase order came in, it was November 10. The finished system needed to be built, fully tested and delivered on customer premises by the end of the year to be covered in their annual budget.

Mini-Circuits’ ZT-24X48B Custom 24 x 48 blocking switch system.

The ZT-24X48B is a 24 x 48 blocking switch matrix with programmable attenuation on every channel. It allows the customer to route any of 24 inputs to any of 48 outputs and precisely control the signal power on any path. It consists of 10 rack-mounted boxes interconnected with a complex configuration of RF connections and serial control connections allowing easy management of the entire system through a single software interface.

Mini-Circuits’ test solutions design team set a goal to ship by December 22 before the holiday break, and ended up beating their deadline. Our engineers even flew out to the customer’s facility early in the New Year to provide on-site installation and get their team up and running. The ZT-24X48B project is just one example of Mini-Circuits’ ability to solve complex problems and achieve big goals fast by collaborating with customers at every level across engineering, manufacturing, material planning and software development, from definition to delivery and beyond.

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