Mini-Circuits’ limiters cover a very broad frequency range from 3 KHz to 900 MHz, dynamic range from +3 to +20 dBM, and provide exceptionally hard limiting of 0.05 dB output change per dB input change.

All models have been designed to provide very small phase variations as the input level is changed. A bias current of only 3 mA from a 50Ω source is required to excite a limiter.

When the RF signal level available is not within the dynamic range of the limiter then two options may be taken. One, if the level is too high, an attenuator may be utilized; if the level is too low, an amplifier may be utilized. Both components should be selected so that the input RF signal level range is centered within the range of the limiter.

Applications include stabilizing generator outputs, providing constant amplitude signals in phase-sensitive systems, and reducing amplitude variations in FM detection systems.

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