LTCC Filter Innovations

The Industry’s Widest Selection

Mini-Circuits doesn’t just offer the industry’s widest selection of LTCC filters. Our LTCC design team is at the forefront of the field, combining novel material systems and circuit topologies with proprietary material modelling and simulation techniques to realize truly novel devices unlike anything else currently available on the market. These innovations are extending the applicability of LTCC technology to a host of new applications, along with unparalleled advantages of size, cost, reliability and manufacturability. Here are some recent successes from our development pipeline:

Ultra-High Rejection

  • Rejection floor down to 100+ dB
  • A fraction of the size of competing technologies with comparable performance
  • Excellent selectivity
  • Built-in shielding
  • 1812 package style
  • Patent pending

mmWave Passbands

  • Passbands to 50+ GHz
  • The industry’s widest selection of LTCC filters optimized for 5G FR2 bands
  • Growing selection of models for Ku- and Ka-band Satcom downlink
  • 1812 & 1008 package styles

Substrate Integrated Waveguide

  • First commercially available SIW LTCC filter in the industry
  • Narrow bandwidth (~5%) and
  • good selectivity
  • Internally shielded to prevent detuning
  • 1210 package style

Integrated Balun-Bandpass Filters

  • Combine balun transformer and bandpass filter in a single device
  • Saves space and simplifies board layouts in ADCs, DACs and other circuits
  • 1210, 1008 & 0805 package styles