2 to 65 GHz

Medium Power Amplifier

Ultra-Wideband Flat Gain

Mini-Circuits’ new ZVA-02653G+ high-frequency amplifier achieves extremely flat gain response over its entire operating bandwidth from 2 to 65 GHz, allowing wideband measurements with minimal adjustments to your test setup. Its medium power output makes it ideal for RF port extension or as a broadband LO driver amplifier, among other applications.

As with other models in our growing high-frequency amplifier lineup, this design leverages our proven platform with built-in DC protection features, internal power supply regulation/sequencing and a wide DC input voltage range for plug-and-play functionality.

Key Features:

  • High gain, 21 dB over full band
  • ±3.0 dB flatness
  • +18 dBm PSAT with pin fin heatsink
  • +10 to +15V DC operating voltage
  • Built-in protection from over-voltage,
    reverse voltage & in-rush current limiting

Also available without a heatsink: ZVA-02653GX+


Model NameDescriptionF LowF High
ZVA-50953X+mmWave Gain Block, +15 dBm PSAT, 14.5 ±1.0 dB Gain, 50Ω45 GHz95 GHz
ZVA-71863LNX+mmWave LNA, 4.5 dB NF,
37 ±1.75 dB Gain, 50Ω
71 GHz86 GHz
ZVA-71863HPX+mmWave Medium Power Amplifier, +24 dBm PSAT,
38 ±1.5 dB Gain, 50Ω
71 GHz86 GHz
ZVE-453HP+1W Amplifier, 39 ±2.5 dB Gain, +41 dBm OIP3, 50Ω18 GHz45 GHz