As Mini-Circuits continues to grow, it’s essential that we continue to upgrade infrastructure, processes, facilities, and teams to support the strategic goals of the company. The company’s project management team has expanded with the recent onboarding of talented new team members, including Richard Coscia, Mini-Circuits’ new Director of Project Management.

Project management aims to use different systems and processes to make workflow company-wide more efficient. Coscia comes to Mini-Circuits with a wealth of experience in the project management field with specialized expertise in the areas of supply chain, IT and enterprise applications for data management and security.

After graduating from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) with a degree in management and technology, Coscia was hired as a business systems analyst by Unilever, a large consumer goods manufacturing company. Much like Mini-Circuits’ Pipeline Program, Unilever implemented a system where new hires were given the opportunity to work in different capacities and ultimately find their best fit. It was through this program that Coscia discovered his passion for project management in the supply chain and IT domains. This experience led him to continue to build upon his talent at companies including Pepperidge Farms as the supply chain process and IT applications manager, Elizabeth Arden as the senior manager of global supply chain systems, and Revlon as the director of IT enterprise delivery, planning and R&D.

Richard Coscia

“My experience managing large IT projects at these prominent companies exposed me to various systems and processes that can work in various situations,” said Coscia. “When I came across the opportunity at Mini-Circuits, I saw right away how I could update the processes here and make them more efficient.”

One of Coscia’s current core projects is to make Mini-Circuits’ Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools more widely available at Mini-Circuits in ways that will streamline processes and improve operational efficiency. One example already in effect is a Contract Lifecycle Management tool that allows Mini-Circuits members and suppliers to view contracts and usher them through the approval and revision process. Contracts can be signed electronically and are stored in a database with searchability and automated notifications for contract expirations, deadlines and more.

As complex and impactful as the PLM enhancements have been for the organization already, Richard is just getting started.

“Looking forward, I would like to continue to expand and implement projects that will provide a lot of value to the company and its team,” said Coscia. “I want the whole organization to think of the PMO team as facilitators to help get major projects done and help others in the company find more efficient ways to work.”

With an impressive track record on his C/V, Mini-Circuits fit well with Coscia’s aspirations to make positive improvements at a large successful company. However, he also felt that the Mini-Circuits met his desire to feel a sense of community at work, a home away from home.

“It’s very much like a family in our department,” said Coscia. “We have birthday parties and whatnot, it’s just a nice feel to have at a company.

“The holiday party was one of the best company parties I’ve ever been to. What was really exciting for me was that everyone in the organization showed up from the top down. That kind of experience really shows what a family environment we work in.”

When he’s not in the office, Coscia is an avid rugby fan. Having played through high school and college, he now takes those years of experience to coach his own kids through the school system. With Coscia’s guidance as the high school rugby coach, his oldest son played in the national high school rugby championship with his team placing third overall. His oldest has now gone on to play rugby in college. Coscia continues to show appreciation for the sport through coaching his youngest son on the youth team and watching games with his family.

Mini-Circuits is fortunate to have such an experienced and capable leader setting the direction of our growing Project Management team. The future of the organization looks bright and poised for many successes ahead with Coscia and his team members leading the charge.

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