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In the dynamic field of application development and software engineering, Mini-Circuits has found a key piece for an exciting future.

IT Director Vijay Kumar brings a world of experience gained from working with renowned companies like Tata Consultant Service, General Electric, Siemens, General Motors, Chrysler, New York Life, Unilever, and Boston Scientific.

Applying his expertise in public and hybrid cloud solutions, infrastructure and enterprise architecture, IT strategy, and project portfolio management, Vijay has a long track record of assisting large enterprises with transitioning from on-premise to cloud environments. He excels in defining cloud adoption frameworks, designing robust architectures, and implementing migration strategies, all while emphasizing performance, reliability, and cost optimization.

Vijay Kumar, Director of Enterprise Applications.

At Tata Consultancy Services, Vijay led the design of a cost-effective, scalable, and secure infrastructure architecture to support the organization’s integrated systems. As a delivery manager and enterprise architect at Boston Scientific, he led a team of 60 associates in the migration of approximately 400 applications to multi-cloud environments. During his tenure at New York Life, Vijay played a pivotal role in providing IT infrastructure management and driving the transformation of legacy systems. Vijay joined Mini-Circuits in October 2022 seeking a new career challenge that would put his skills to the test with an opportunity to make a visible impact.

Since settling in at Mini-Circuits, Vijay is now embracing what’s ahead as he leads Mini-Circuits’ IT department responsible for developing key customer-facing applications, including supporting the always-busy test engineering department, along with fulfilling internal requests.

“I love taking on challenges and, more importantly, finding solutions,” Vijay says. “Having worked in multiple consulting roles, I especially enjoy now being able to collaborate closely and continuously with a dedicated team each day.”

Drawing from his countless career experiences and accomplishments, Vijay implements best practices and a disciplined approach to application development at Mini-Circuits. His combination of development expertise for both software and infrastructure made him the perfect fit for Mini-Circuits as a manufacturing company. Meanwhile, his natural knack for leadership matched closely with the IT Director role and function. The most rewarding part, he says, is influencing a culture of technological adoption.

“Mini-Circuits is a very well-known company in its own right and one that has always been on the cutting edge of the RF industry,” Vijay said. “Our job in IT is to enable innovation daily.”

While Vijay dedicates much of his time to driving Mini-Circuits’ application development success, he also finds plenty of time to be with his family, thanks to the company’s ongoing commitment to enabling work-life balance. He also plays India’s famous tabla instrument and, just as he approaches his work with humility, says he’s still learning the tabla technique. It’s no surprise that he has our IT team hitting a rhythm.

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