Mini-Circuits’ annual Holiday Potluck Lunch began years ago as a spontaneous, informal celebration of the season among members of the production team at the company’s Neptune Avenue facility in Brooklyn. In the years since, the feast has grown into a favorite and eagerly anticipated tradition. The menu and attendance have grown each year, and the 2017 feast served up all the diversity of Brooklyn with flavors from the Caribbean to Southeast Asia and almost everything in-between.

This year’s event added to a particularly festive holiday season at Mini-Circuits, following a smashing year-end party, a record-breaking toy drive, and an all-around landmark year for the business. Shortly after noon, members lined up outside the cafeteria waiting for the doors to open as volunteers arranged the many dishes team members had prepared. Before digging in, members posed around the banquet table for a photo opportunity, but the urgency of the collective appetite in the room was palpable. When encouraged to deliver a speech for the occasion, President Ted Heil looked around the room, and read the audience perfectly, proclaiming only, “Let them eat!”

The Holiday Potluck is a wonderful way to celebrate the diversity of our workplace by sharing cuisines and culinary talents. It’s become one of many traditions that brings the community together and makes Mini-Circuits such a warm and unique place to work.

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