Mini-Circuits is pleased to announce our partnership with Virginia Diodes to introduce a new line of waveguide filters for millimeter wave applications. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, a waveguide is a physical structure (essentially a hollow metal tube) that guides RF and microwave signals through space. Demand has grown for waveguide components In the RF/microwave industry to support the increasing number of high-frequency applications such as testing for 5G networks.

Virginia Diodes, Inc. (VDI) is a U.S. small business that develops and manufactures devices, components and systems for the millimeter-wave and THz frequency bands. This includes direct detectors, frequency mixers and multipliers, receiver systems, and sources operating to frequencies as high as five THz. Test and measurement products include frequency extenders for the range from 26 GHz to 1.5 THz for vector network analyzers, spectrum analyzers and signal generators.

Mini-Circuits and VDI’s initial offering includes seven bandpass filter models with passbands spanning 27 to 86 GHz with more designs in development. These filters will incorporate standard WR-12 through WR-28 waveguide interfaces and provide very low insertion loss (1 dB typ.) with high stopband attenuation (40 dB typ.). The new models add waveguide capability to Mini-Circuits’ broad portfolio of filter technologies, continuing the expansion of the company’s offering to support customers developing next-generation wireless products and systems

A waveguide bandpass filter offered through new partnership between Mini-Circuits and Virginia Diodes

Mini-Circuits’ worldwide technical marketing manager, Steven Scheinkopf commented, “Mini-Circuits appreciates this opportunity to work with Virginia Diodes. We believe this partnership will bring two leaders in the RF and microwave world together to benefit the industry and bring leading edge products to our customers.”

Waveguide filters are available from stock through the Mini-Circuits website and through authorized Mini-Circuits sales representatives.

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