Jacqueline Hochheiser, Corporate Communications

August is the last hurrah for many people to soak up the last warm rays of the summer sun and enjoy quality time outdoors. For the Mini-Circuits team, it’s no different, and what better way to celebrate their hard work and dedication to the company than a 90s themed buffet lunch held outside with live music, Mini-Circuits merch, raffle giveaways and an ice cream truck?

Mini-Circuits team members at the New York headquarters enjoyed the celebration as a welcome mid-day break from their daily routines as well as an opportunity to spend quality time with their colleagues. The event was catered by Bassett Caterers accompanied by the Carnival Donut Bar food truck as a special dessert offering, as well as a live DJ playing 90s tracks to go along with the theme.

Team members in 90s attire

Encouraged to dress in their best 90s gear, team members arrived in bright neon colors, fanny packs and big sunglasses. Mini-Circuits t-shirts, mugs and other merch were offered in multiple colors as a way for attendees to rep their company proudly.

Mini-Circuits team enjoying the weather and delicious food

“The appreciation day picnic was a great success,” said Joan Hutton-Mills, Data Analyst Associate. “Some members went all out and were dressed in neon colors, oversized sunglasses, tracksuits and big necklaces. We had a fabulous DJ spinning music from the 90s and some members were getting groovy with the Electric Slide.”

Throughout the lunch, members played games, danced, bet on raffles and enjoyed themselves to the fullest. New and veteran members were able to share and experience different cultures and learn about each other like a true family.

Mini-Circuits paraphernalia
Team members enjoying lunch
Buffet provided by Basset Caterers