Recent disruptions in the supply base for ceramic resonators have sent waves of end-of-life notifications through the RF component market. Customers utilizing ceramic-resonator-based filters and other parts are left with the problem of finding alternative suppliers or redesign their systems. Ceramic resonator filters’ sharp selectivity and deep rejection floor for narrow passbands allows frequency responses precisely tuned to customers’ unique requirements in a small, surface-mount form factor. But because passbands are often tailored to meet specific customer requirements of a given application, they tend to be purpose built for a given application, making second-sourcing an especially difficult challenge.

While many customers are working around the impact of industry consolidation and factory closures, Mini-Circuits’ supply chain for ceramic resonators remains unaffected by these changes elsewhere in the market, and our customers will see no delays or disruptions in orders for ceramic resonator filters. We offer a wide selection of models from stock and have decades of experience designing custom filters for special requirements. Our manufacturing organization has the capacity to support additional customer demand and accommodate customers seeking a partner to replace filters facing obsolescence in their designs. Our knowledgeable applications engineers, regional sales teams and authorized reps are ready and able to assist with part selection, quotes, lead times and other issues that may impact your design and production.

For over 35 years, Mini-Circuits has been the solid source for your filtering needs with one of the industry’s most extensive in-house design and manufacturing capabilities. We offer nine different filter technologies, including ceramic resonator, cavity, lumped L-C, LTCC, MMIC reflectionless, stripline/microstrip, suspended substrate, thin film on alumina and waveguide. We’re proud to offer over 1500 unique filter models from stock plus affordable custom designs with fast turnaround and the assurance of support through the life of your system.

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