Mini-Circuits COVID-19 Update

Last Updated: March 31, 2020

NOTE: If you are unable to receive shipments at your facilities due to closures or personnel reductions, please notify your Mini-Circuits account manager or as soon as possible.

The health and welfare of our employees, their families and our surrounding communities is our highest priority. Our leadership team is meeting on a daily basis and adapting rapidly to the situation to protect our workforce and maintain business continuity.

As a critical supplier to many defense, government, telecommunications and medical customers, Mini-Circuits qualifies as an essential manufacturing business in all states where our U.S. facilities are located. We want to reassure our customers, team members and partners that Mini-Circuits will remain open and fully operational. Our organization feels a special obligation to support our customers in providing essential services to the world during this difficult time, and we are more committed than ever to ensuring continued service and stable supply of Mini-Circuits products, now when they’re needed most.

With full understanding that the situation remains highly fluid and information is subject to change, here is the latest update on our current status, business impacts, and what we’re doing to respond:

Impact of Regional Government Restrictions

  • All Mini-Circuits facilities in the U.S., Europe, China and Israel remain open and fully operational. A substantial number of employees are working from home, and we are maintaining heightened cleaning procedures while making sure on-site staff are properly distanced and safe. Our open production facilities continue to manufacture at slightly reduced capacity.
  • The Mini-Circuits Technologies (MCT) facility in Penang, Malaysia continues to operate with reduced on-site headcount. Local government has extended the Movement Control Order until April 14, and all applicable MCT employees will be working from home during this time.
  • Mini-Circuits facilities in Chennai, India remain closed due to the national shutdown until April 14. Engineering staff at our India location will be working remotely during this time.
  • We are continuously working with local government authorities to secure exemptions due to the critical nature of our business and will provide additional updates as information becomes available.
  • While most orders continue to ship on time, some orders may be delayed. We are reaching out to customers individually if we anticipate any delays on open orders.
  • We are currently updating all open orders affected by the shutdown in India and other general slowdowns due to staffing and raw material availability.

Supply Chain Status

We continue to see factory closures for some of our suppliers in India, Italy, Malaysia and the U.S. We are continually assessing any potential impacts on production and proactively identifying alternative sources for raw materials to insulate customers from supply chain disruptions as much as possible.

Shipping and Logistics

  • All Mini-Circuits domestic and international freight carriers continue to operate and orders are shipping from our warehouses as usual.
  • All carriers are indicating shutdown in traffic to and from India during the 21-day shutdown order.
  • Other local restrictions may also result in longer transit times or service suspensions in some regions. Please check with your local carrier offices to verify service status.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide regular updates to keep you informed. Please reach out your Mini-Circuits account manager or if you have any questions or concerns, Thank you for trusting Mini-Circuits with your business as we work through this challenging time together.