Daniel Gordon, Contributor at Large

Mini-Circuits members received early Valentine’s Day 2023 e-cards encouraging them to be kind to their hearts and attend the company’s Heart Awareness Day.

On Feb. 13, members in the Knapp Street, Brooklyn office made their way to the lunchroom at 10 a.m. for fresh fruit, healthy snacks, and perhaps some banter. Members in the Neptune Avenue, Brooklyn headquarters had their Heart Awareness Day on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, as did those at the Deer Park, Long Island facility.

Team members lining up for healthy snacks.
Team members showing their excitement for the snacks and short break.
Preparing decorations and snacks for the event.

Everyone wore red to show support for heart disease awareness and prevention. In addition to a plate of light bites and handful of sugar-free sweets, each member left with a heart health pamphlet featuring helpful tips, delicious recipes, and important risk factors and warning signs to look out for. The snack break itself served as a simple reminder to stress less by taking a few minutes to step away from the desk at work.

Heart Awareness Day is just one of the many ways Mini-Circuits prioritizes health, happiness and togetherness in its offices and facilities around the world. See more of life at Mini-Circuits.

Some of the healthy snacks available.
Team members waiting patiently to enter the cafeteria.
Healthy fruit options at the event.
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