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Learning how to save a life may not be a typical day at Mini-Circuits, but that’s exactly what took place in July 2023 when our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) department partnered with the American Red Cross to hold comprehensive CPR and first aid training at our New York and Florida offices.

A total of 45 Mini-Circuits members attended the sessions across our Brooklyn, New York headquarters; Deer Park; and Hialeah, Florida production facility. Members at each site engaged in hands-on training that covered essential CPR techniques including using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

The training wasn’t about ticking a box; it was about empowering members with skills, confidence, and poise in case they ever encounter someone experiencing a medical emergency—not only within the company but also in their broader communities. That’s why Mini-Circuits has hosted CPR training for many years. We’re pleased to report that this year’s event saw our largest turnout yet.

“You never can train enough members in CPR,” said Gary Warner, Sr. Environmental EHS Manager at Mini-Circuits. “It’s something that they’ll always have in their back pockets and of course hope to keep there.”

The Mini-Circuits team gathered for CPR and first aid training.
The team practicing CPR on dummies.

Most people who experience cardiac arrest outside the hospital don’t receive adequate assistance from bystanders. CPR training can help change that. According to the American Red Cross, performing CPR could double or triple someone’s chance of survival.

Using an AED may be even more effective. Research shows that fast AED use after a collapse can lead to a 76% survival rate. In January 2022, an NFL game stopped mid-quarter after Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field. Luckily, Hamlin survived the incident due to quick action from stadium staff, who administered CPR and used an AED. Hamlin is now in the midst of a triumphant if not miraculous return for the 2023 season.

“AEDs are especially important because no matter what kind of life-threatening, stressful situation there may be, if you know how to operate that AED and can at least put patches on, get it started, and then call 911, that rapid sequence of events can save a life,” Gary said.

Gary and the rest of the EHS team understand the value of preparedness across the board. Their role is to ensure the safety of Mini-Circuits members in every situation as well as the safety of the environment. The team works to give Mini-Circuits members the knowledge necessary to save lives.

With the recent CPR training, members who completed the session received CPR and first aid certification from the American Red Cross. We congratulate everyone who participated in this event and thank the EHS team and the Red Cross for making it possible. We’re happy to invest in our members so that they can make a real difference – even when they’re off the clock.

CPR training practice.
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