Daniel Gordon, Contributor

The coronavirus pandemic has triggered several crises in parallel to the global health emergency, particularly in epicenters like New York City. As a New York company to the core, Mini-Circuits is committed to caring for our neighbors affected by COVID-19. That’s why team members participating in our leadership development program launched the Mini-Circuits COVID-19 Relief Fund to support non-profit groups serving the city’s most vulnerable populations.

Providing Personal Protective Equipment to Frontline Healthcare Workers

Perhaps New York’s most widely publicized crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic has been the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) placing frontline healthcare workers at risk of falling ill while fighting to save lives. Reports of inadequate, makeshift materials such as ponchos and garbage bags being used in hospitals have been deeply disturbing; the stories of nurses and doctors dying from COVID-19, absolutely devastating.

As of mid-June, Mini-Circuits members have raised $5,068 for Afya Foundation of America to support the organization’s ongoing efforts to supply personal protective equipment (PPE) to healthcare facilities in NYC. In addition to the money raised, Mini-Circuits will generously match the funds dollar for dollar, resulting in a total of $10,136. Based in nearby Yonkers, New York, Afya has mobilized to deliver over 139,000 masks to workers at more than 100 healthcare facilities. Every donation of $25 is enough to procure masks, gloves and gowns for one worker.

Mike Sullivan, Mechanical Design Engineer at Mini-Circuits, said Afya’s mission was especially moving and personally meaningful, as his fiancée works in healthcare.

“Healthcare workers are treating the sickest patients daily, subjecting them to higher viral loads and therefore a higher risk of contracting severe COVID-19,” Sullivan said. “You hear horror stories of equipment being bleached, shared, or reused past its point of protection. Afya is doing remarkable work to address this critical need.”

Fighting Hunger Among NYC’s Elderly

Early statistics show that elderly people and those with underlying health conditions are at an elevated risk of developing life-threatening complications from COVID-19. With nearly 200,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases in NYC at the time of writing, the city’s elderly residents—particularly those who live independently—face an unprecedented decision: stay safe at home or risk their health to go out for groceries.

Mini-Circuits members have extended their efforts to fight hunger and provide meal delivery for NYC’s elderly, raising $6,370 for Citymeals on Wheels toward bringing a continuous lifeline of nutritious meals and vital companionship to home-bound, elderly New Yorkers. With Mini-Circuits’ match, our total donation will add up to $12,370! During the pandemic, Citymeals on Wheels has been delivering freshly prepared and shelf-stable emergency meals to senior citizens in all five boroughs. The organization is also serving an additional 10,000 elderly New Yorkers who live in senior housing; NORCs and NYCHA buildings.

“We really feel for the elderly who sit in such a difficult predicament,” said Stephen Leone, Applications Engineer. “It hits close to the heart when you think of an elderly person in your own family being trapped at home with no access to food.”

Strengthening Our Community Together

Mini-Circuits matched both current totals by 100% for new totals of $10,136 to Afya, $12,370 to Citymeals on Wheels, and $22,506 combined.

“We are all connected in the effort together,” said Urvashi Sengal, Applications Engineer. “The [Mini-Circuits] leadership team gave us full support and made it all possible.”

Sullivan added, “It made me very proud to see Mini-Circuits matching the fundraisers dollar for dollar. They have done an amazing job of not only looking out for the members’ health, but also ensuring our job security and giving to the greater community.”

And Leone: “When you see a company taking care of so many people, including members and strangers alike, you feel hopeful for the future together.”

Part of Mini-Circuits’ commitment to being a good neighbor in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis is our ongoing effort to support our community in times of need. Our team worked hard to make a difference with our donations to Afya and Citymeals on Wheels, and we look forward to lending support in the future.