Janie Dillon, EOL/PCN Coordinator

Summer in Missouri means that it is also time for our team’s annual picnic. The Springfield and Branson offices came together on June 16 after office hours to eat, swim in the lake, play games and spend time outdoors enjoying the unseasonably cool weather.

The Second annual cornhole tournament was hosted at the event with 9 teams signed up and ready to compete. There were prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places with first place winning a cooler backpack, second place a grill caddy, and third place a water-resistant towel with a cup holder chair clip. First place went to Kim Sainato and her husband Tim. Second place went to Jena Moulds and her husband Chris, and third place went to Janie Dillon and her husband Greg.

Everyone was able to enjoy freshly made street tacos and quesadillas prepared by a chef who was on site during the event. If team members weren’t eating the delicious food or playing cornhole, they were taking the opportunity to head down to the lake for a dip.

Mini-Circuits members and their families enjoying a day in the sun.
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