Serving the global market for RF and microwave products while maintaining the high standards of quality and customer support that Mini-Circuits is known for comes with many challenges. Different regions around the globe have a diverse array of technical, regulatory and logistical requirements. Meanwhile, maintaining strong relationships with customers takes well-managed distribution channels and a knowledgeable human presence on the ground. Mini-Circuits has succeeded in providing world-class customer support at the local level through its network of authorized sales representatives and distributors as well as through its own regional sales offices like those in the UK, Taiwan and China.

Thomas Joyce recently joined Mini-Circuits as sales director for Japan and South Korea, to continue growing the company’s global sales and service footprint. Born in Ireland, Thomas has lived in Japan for 33 years. He brings extensive experience in electronics design, management and marketing, as well as deep knowledge of the regional market. Mini-Circuits Japan, KK. was officially registered in Tokyo June 7, and Thomas opened the new office in Shin-Yokohama on Aug. 1. His primary goals are to expand Mini-Circuits’ business development efforts in the Japanese and South Korean markets, to lead sales and marketing activities with our local reps, and to provide an additional layer of direct support to customers in the region.

Thomas Joyce, Sales Director- Japan and South Korea.

Thomas commented on the particular challenges of serving the Japanese and South Korean markets, “Customers have high expectations for service and support even if purchase quantities are small.” Mini-Circuits’ two rep and distributor firms in Japan, M-RF and Mini-Circuits Yokohama, both service a high volume of requests from a large customer base. The addition of a Mini-Circuits sales office covering Japan and South Korea will add additional resources, support and direction to augment rep and distributor efforts.

Thomas is currently working closely with M-RF and Mini-Circuits Yokohama to assist in supporting a variety of customer needs. He’s also conducting business planning to expand opportunities for Mini-Circuits products with key customers and capture growth from the broader market.

Mini-Circuits’ vision to be the preferred worldwide supplier of RF and microwave products depends in part on the company’s global presence to support customers in every region of the world. Adding to its existing international design, manufacturing and sales locations, Mini-Circuits Japan is an exciting expansion of the company’s worldwide offices in a complex and highly active market for RF electronics.

Outside the Mini-Circuits Japan Office in Shin-Yokohama.