Jacqueline Hochheiser, Corporate Communications

Mini-Circuits has a long history of supporting our community both locally and in the RF and microwave community at large. We have often made our facilities available for students conducting research, or looking to learn more about the industry or business in general, whether through internships or site visits. On May 10, the company welcomed a group of students from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA), who were spending a week in New York to learn more about business operations at a variety of different companies.

HvA, located in the city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands offers bachelors, masters, and associates degree programs in a variety of professionally oriented fields. The university prides itself on linking classroom learning with real-life experience and exposure. The students travelled to New York as part of their program to get a look inside companies in one of the world’s biggest international business hubs.  Korne Vennema, Mini-Circuits’ High Power Product Line Manager, got a surprise call from his son’s girlfriend, who was part of the group, asking if Mini-Circuits would be willing to be part of their experience and show the students around Brooklyn headquarters.

Mini-Circuits welcomed the students eagerly to the Knapp Street facility, where they were greeted by Paul Wilson (Global VP of Sales), Davis Rothenberg (Director of Marketing Communications), and Steven Scheinkopf (VP of Technical Marketing). The three gave a tour of the Knapp Street facility and answered questions to educate the students about our business, particularly the sales and marketing functions.

The visit was a success, and the HvA students came away with valuable knowledge to enrich their studies and ultimately their careers. Mini-Circuits takes pride and pleasure in helping students navigate their business and career aspirations and help steer them down the paths to success, and we look forward to more visits like this in the future.

The HvA students standing in the Knapp Street atrium with Paul Wilson (Global VP of Sales) and Steven Scheinkopf (VP of Technical Marketing).
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