0.4 TO 12 GHz

Variable Gain Amplifier

16 dB Voltage Adjustable Gain Range

Mini-Circuits continues to grow our MMIC product line with more capabilities to support your needs. The new PVGA-123+ is an E-pHEMT wideband gain block with 16 dB voltage variable gain control. This model combines outstanding wideband performance with integrated control capability, making it ideal for AGC circuits and remote compensation for power variations in a variety of systems. From wideband ECM to test instrumentation, wireless backhaul, and more! It operates from a single +6V supply and features a dedicated control voltage pin with a voltage range from 0 to +5V.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Gain Range, 16 dB Typ.
  • High OIP3, +30 dBm Typ.
  •  P1dB, +22dBm Typ.
  • VDD +6V; VC 0 to +5V
  • 3x3mm 12-Lead QFN-Style Package
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