50 TO 95 GHz

E-Band Amplifier

Medium Power & High Gain

To support your needs for E-band test applications, we’ve introduced the ZVA-50953G+ to our lineup of high frequency connectorized amplifiers. This model covers the 50 to 95 GHz range with an outstanding combination of medium power,b high gain and broadband gain flatness. It’s an ideal solution for emerging mmWave applications from automotive radar and 5G FR2 systems to E-band backhaul and more!

Key Features:

  • +21 dBm PSAT 
  • 28 dB gain
  • ±2.0 dB gain flatness
  • +10 to +15V DC operating voltage
  • Extensive built-in DC protections

More E-Band Amplifiers

Model NameDescriptionF LowF High
ZVA-50953X+17 dB Gain, ±1.0 dB Flatness, +17 dBm PSAT, 50Ω45 GHz95 GHz
ZVA-71863LNX+37 dB Gain, ±1.75 dB Flatness, 4.5 dB NF, +13.5 dBm P1dB, 50Ω71 GHz86 GHz
ZVA-71863HP+38 dB Gain, ±1.5 dB Flatness, +24 dBm PSAT, 50Ω71 GHz86 GHz
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