TD-SCDMA Base Station MMIC Amplifier

Mini-Circuits PHA-1+ Ultra high dynamic range MMIC amplifier is designed specifically for applications which require extremely linear performance, particularly wideband, advanced digital communications systems such as TD-SCDMA which require excellent ACLR suppression and low EVM.

The E-PHEMT based PHA-1+ provides typically +42 dBm OIP3 which translates to extremely linear performance in multi-carrier and complex signal environments such as TD-SCDMA supporting ACLR_1 measurements of better than -60 dBc at +10 dBm output and EVM of 0.57% (rms) and 2.95% (pk) at the same power.

Figure 1: PHA-1+ test board.

DUT Configuration:
Device: PHA-1+ test board.
Supply voltage: 5.0V, 150 mA.
Temperature: 25°C.
Note: All data is referenced to the PCB connectors.

Test Signal:
Single Channel.
Fc = 700 MHz.

Measurement Setup

Summary Data

ACLR_1 Plots vs. Output Power

IQ Polar Plots vs. Output Power (EVM, Rho and PCDE)

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