Mini-Circuits high efficiency phase detectors are the only units in the world offering a figure-of-merit greater than 125.

The figure-of-merit (M), or efficiency of a phase detector can be defined as the ratio of maximum DC output voltage (in mV) divided by the RF power (in dBm). The maximum DC output from these units is 1000 mV with +7 dBm applied to the LO and RF ports. Thus, its figure-of-merit (M) is 143, which indicates a highly efficient phase detector. DC offset is typically 400 mV. For comparison, a double balanced mixer used as a phase detector of offers 350 mV DC output with the same LO and RF inputs for a figure-of-merit (M) of 50. So when your system requires a high output phase detector, specify Mini-Circuits’ phase detectors, available in a wide variety of package styles.

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