DC TO 110 GHz

RF & Microwave Adapters

Coaxial & Waveguide

We’ve updated our already extensive selection of coaxial adapters with a new series of 1.0mm models in all gender combinations, as well as inter-series designs transitioning to 1.85mm. Now, with over 80 adapter models in stock from DC to 110 GHz including a wide selection of coaxial and waveguide interfaces, connector gender combinations, mounting types and orientations, Mini-Circuits is your trusted partner for these essential accessories on every test bench.

To make the selection process easier, we’ve even redesigned our adapter search interface online so you can find the models you’re looking for in seconds.

Model NameDescriptionF LowF High
10F-10F+1.0mm-F to 1.0mm-F Adapter, 50ΩDC110 GHz
1.0mm-F to 1.0mm-M Adapter, 50Ω
DC110 GHz
10M-10M+1.0mm-M to 1.0mm-M Adapter, 50ΩDC110 GHz
10F-185F+1.0mm-F to 1.85mm-F Adapter, 50ΩDC67 GHz
10F-185M+1.0mm-F to 1.85mm-M Adapter, 50ΩDC67 GHz
1.0mm-M to 1.85mm-F Adapter, 50Ω
DC67 GHz
10M-185M+1.0mm-M to 1.85mm-M Adapter, 50ΩDC67 GHz
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