This Thanksgiving, all of us at Mini-Circuits are taking a moment to remember how much we have to be thankful for. From a global pandemic to wildfires of historic proportions to bitter politics, 2020 gave the world its share of just cause for grievance. But in times like these, it’s our values that carry us forward. Throughout our history, Mini-Circuits has thrived through tough times by staying true to our values, and gratitude is an important part of sustaining the optimism and mental toughness it takes to weather the storm. So here are some of the things we’re grateful for as we near the end of a year full of change and uncertainty.

  1. Amazing Teammates

Mini-Circuits’ culture emphasizes commitment and teamwork always, but it’s in times of challenge that our dedicated team’s strength and energy shows most. Through the height of the pandemic, it was the courage and resilience of our on-site staff members that kept production schedules on track and orders shipping to customers.

Meanwhile, our remote team members and reps and distributors in the field rapidly adapted to the situation, staying connected to customers and each other to deliver results and keep business alive and thriving. To our entire team, thank you for always coming through when it counts and keeping Mini-Circuits strong!

2. Empathetic Leadership

Looking out for the wellbeing of our people while maintaining the health of our business in a new and unpredictable public health crisis is the kind of problem that leaders lose sleep over. Mini-Circuits’ HR team worked tirelessly to develop and implement an extensive crisis response plan and rigorous safety protocols at lightning speed to keep everyone safe and ensure business continuity. 2020 tested the mettle of even the toughest leaders, and the judgment, constant communication and empathy of Mini-Circuits’ senior leadership team gave the entire organization confidence and no small measure of gratitude that the company was acting in their best interests at every turn.

3. Loyal Customers

From tiny startups to multinational, Fortune 500 companies, Mini-Circuits customers develop and build technology that makes the world safer, smarter, faster and more connected. Many support critical infrastructure for communications and national security, and they depend on us to provide the technology they need to build and maintain these essential systems. When everything else is unpredictable, we feel a special obligation to be a partner our customers can depend on, and we’re especially thankful for their loyalty and trust in us to deliver for them.

4. Reliable Suppliers

We never forget that our commitment to deliver quality products with fast delivery depends on a strong supply chain, and that dependency becomes even more sensitive with the reduced on-site staffing and disruptions in global logistics lanes we’ve seen in recent months. We’re thankful to all our suppliers for their extraordinary effort in keeping lines of supply open to help us fulfill our commitments and meet demand.

5. The Stability of the RF/Microwave Industry

The RF/microwave industry fared comparatively well against the stresses of the pandemic. The essential nature of wireless technology bolsters our business against the market swings and economic shocks that have devastated some sectors of the economy. We’re hopeful that the world is on the recovery path and thankful that we work in an industry that’s so fundamental to many of the basic functions of society.

6. Communication in the Digital Age

Digital technologies like video conferencing, chat platforms and cloud-based collaboration tools were already widely used and growing in popularity. During the pandemic, these technologies took on a whole new importance in everyday life as a way to collaborate with teammates and customers, as well as a lifeline people living alone to stay in contact with loved ones across town or across oceans.

While, in the words of Aretha Franklin, “Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby,” Mini-Circuits is grateful that we’re living through this crisis in a time when life and work can continue over distance in a way that wouldn’t have been remotely possible even 10 years ago.

7. Special Guests on Zoom Calls

While there have been many unwelcome surprises in the last year, no one is complaining about the surprise appearances of our colleagues’ adorable children and pets on video calls. These moments provided some much-needed levity and comic relief and gave us a new appreciation for what we mean when we talk about the Mini-Circuits family.