On the evening of Aug. 9, Mini-Circuits members left work early and traveled to Aviator Sports Center in Marine Park, Brooklyn for the 2018 Mini-Circuits company picnic. Along with the holiday party, the picnic is a favorite tradition among Mini-Circuits members, and the event has grown in scale and popularity in recent years. After postponing the original date of July 25 due to rain, the weather was sunny and fair, and so were the spirits of everyone in attendance. This is the second year in a row that Mini-Circuits has held the picnic at an off-site venue. This year’s event was particularly special because it falls on the 50th anniversary of Mini-Circuits’ founding, and members proudly donned their 50-Year shirts for the occasion.

Attendees enjoyed classic cookout fare and played basketball, shuffleboard, soccer and volleyball. Some members even sought relief from the heat in the pool. Among the highlights of the event, Mini-Circuits’ training specialist and training coordinator had organized a tournament of the original card game, Fives. All team members of the tournament winner received prizes. The event culminated with a raffle, and winners walked home with Bluetooth speakers and headphones, Amazon gift cards, baseballs with copies of a book by baseball player, Jim Abbott, whose story of overcoming a congenital disability to become a pro athlete was a favorite of Harvey’s and has been an inspiration to many.

Members enjoyed getting outside the familiar setting and sharing a new experience together. The feeling of camaraderie among the team was high as members boarded the bus at the end of the evening. Special thanks to all who played a part and put in extra time to organize this year’s picnic and make it a memorable experience.

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