A wide variety of PIN diode and GaAs high-speed, high-isolation switches are available from Mini-Circuits, including models with built-in TTL drivers, operating up to 5 GHz. Select from SPST, SPDT, and SP4T models in EMI-shielded plug-in, TO-8, surface-mount and connectorized packages.

PIN diode units are available in SPST/SPDT configurations as well as SPDT/SP4T models with built-in drivers with 2 μsec switching speed, tough enough to pass stringent MIL-STD-202 tests. Despite their small size, the TO-8 models (TOSW-230+ and TOSW- 425+) provide isolation as high as 40 dB, only 1.1 dB insertion loss, with a 1 dB compression point of +27 dBm.

Switching speed as fast as 2 nsec is offered with Mini-Circuits GaAs switches, available in absorptive and reflective models, with and without TTL built-in drivers. All models are available with SMA connectorized or surface-mount packages. The connectorized packages are miniature, easily mountable, and well suited for test set-ups. Surface-mount units are offered in a low-cost plastic package and hermetic ceramic cases for military applications. These packages are rugged enough to pass MIL-STD-883 vibration, mechanical and thermal shock, fine and gross leak tests. These fast-acting switches can operate from DC up to 5 GHz with 50 dB isolation and only 1 dB insertion loss. The absorptive models exhibit a typical VSWR of 1.5 in the “OFF” state.

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