Electronic calibration is the fastest and most reliable way to calibrate your network analyzer, but you need an ECal to do it. An ECal is an expensive device, so it’s important to take special care not to damage the connectors during routine use. In Episode 7 of Mini-Circuits WaveSpace video series, we explain how you can use coaxial adapters to protect your ECal from wear and tear and how to extend the reference plane in your calibration from the ECal ports to the adapters.

Mini-Circuits makes the building blocks that shape the wireless world. From communications networks and critical national security systems to life-saving diagnostic technologies, quantum computers and much more, we support the world’s most innovative companies in building a faster, smarter, more connected future with the power of RF, microwave and millimeter wave technology.

Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY with design, manufacturing and sales locations in 30+ countries, we’re a diverse, rapid-growth corporation that hasn’t outgrown what it means to treat our team members, customers, suppliers and partners like family. 20,000+ customers prefer Mini-Circuits for the demanding quality standards, design and manufacturing capability, sales and applications support, and supply chain stability that have earned the industry’s trust since 1968.

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