Waveguide Adapters

Right Angle | Connect 2.92 mm and 2.4 mm

We’re excited to introduce a new family of right-angle waveguide adapters for customers working in high-frequency OTA testing and other applications requiring connection between waveguide interfaces and coaxial cable. Model WR22-VFR+ is a 2.4mm-F to WR22 right-angle adapter covering the 33 to 50 GHz frequency range. Model WR28-KFR+ is a 2.92mm to WR28 right angle adapter covering the 26.5 to 40 GHz range.

Below is a summary of the two models currently available from stock.


ModelFrequency RangeVSWR (:1)Connector TypeInsertion Loss (dB)
WR22-VFR+Q-band, 33-501.252.4mm-F to WR220.5
WR28-KFR+Ka-band, 26.5-401.22.92mm-F to WR280.4

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