1.5 TO 24 GHz

MMIC Balun Transformers

Single-Ended to Differential Conversion

Mini-Circuits’ baluns are an essential building block for any system utilizing differential signaling. Our MTX- and MTY-series MMIC baluns have become popular solutions for transitioning between single-ended and balanced lines in wideband application circuits where board space, cost and manufacturability are all critical design parameters. With wide operating bandwidths, as well as low phase and amplitude unbalance, these MMIC baluns exhibit power handling in excess of 1W and are available in both QFN-style SMT packages as small as 2x2mm as well as bare die. All the models below are available from stock, and we will continue growing our selection to support your needs!

Key Features:

  • Multi-octave operating bandwidths
  • Low phase & amplitude unbalance
  • Power handling up to +34 dBm
  • QFN-style SMT & bare die in stock
  • Industry-leading value

MMIC Baluns (Packaged)

Model NameDescriptionF LowF High
MTY2-243+1:2 MMIC Balun Transformer, 2x2mm Package, 50Ω10 GHz24 GHz
MTX2-183+1:2 MMIC Balun Transformer, 3x4mm Package, 50Ω2 GHz18 GHz
MTX2-143+1:2 MMIC Balun Transformer, 3x3mm Package, 50Ω5.5 GHz13.5 GHz
MTX2-133+1:2 MMIC Balun Transformer, 3x4mm Package, 50Ω1.5 GHz13 GHz
MTX2-73+1:2 MMIC Balun Transformer, 3x3mm Package, 50Ω2 GHz7 GHz

All Models Available in Bare Die Form >

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