2022 Highlights

A Year of Innovation

2022 was a year of many breakthroughs for Mini-Circuits’ product line, from amplifiers extending up to E-Band to high-rejection LTCC filters and much more. In case you lost track among the hundreds of new models released throughout the year, here’s our short list of the most exciting products to hit the shelf.


From wideband LNAs to voltage variable attenuators, I&Q mixers and much more, we continue to expand our industry-leading MMIC selection with new models extending up to 65 GHz, all designed and packaged in-house.


Our LTCC lineup features proprietary technologies you can’t get anywhere else. Explore our growing selection of filters with passbands up to 50 GHz and rejection as high as 100 dB, integrated balun-filters, splitters, couplers and more!


With nine unique filter technologies designed and manufactured in house, Mini-Circuits offers one of the industry’s widest selections of filters up to 86 GHz plus fast, affordable custom designs. Check out our constantly-growing lineup.

High Frequency Connectorized Products

This year, we significantly expanded our mmWave offering with the release of several new products covering bandwidths up to 95 GHz. Explore our latest amplifiers, bias tees, mixers, multipliers, power detectors, switches, digital step attenuators and more!

High Power Amplifiers

In addition to our industry-leading lineup of power amplifiers up to 100W for lab use, our new high-power design team continues to develop disruptive, turnkey solutions for ISM RF and microwave energy. See what’s new.

Portable Test Equipment

We’ve adapted our innovative line of portable test devices to meet your changing needs. As test applications migrate up the frequency spectrum, we’re expanding the coverage of our popular benchtop switches, programmable attenuators and power sensors as high as 67 GHz.

eVNA Vector Network Analyzer

Mini-Circuits’ eVNA-63+ vector network analyzer is giving users from universities to production test lines a new way to set up their labs. Learn more about the powerful capabilities of this unique instrument.

Custom Test Equipment

From modular systems and turnkey custom builds, our unique platform for test solutions gives you all the functions you need to improve efficiency in your setup with the flexibility to scale and modify as your needs evolve.

Designer Kits

Mini-Circuits’ designer kits offer handy combinations of components in small quantities for a great value. Whether you’re stocking up on essentials for your test bench, evaluating component performance or building prototypes, with over 100 unique kits in stock, chances are we have a kit for your needs.

Plus Hundreds of New Lab Components

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